Daily Inspirations by Abraham Sekhar Day 12

We welcome you to the Daily Inspirations Program by Abraham Sekhar. Today we read Genesis chapter 27 from the Old Testament and Matthew chapter 10 from the New Testament. In Genesis 27, Jacob receives blessings from his father, Isaac. Jacob grows to become the 12 tribes and become nations. Jacob is blessed with the generational blessings of Abraham and Isaac. In Matthew chapter 10, Jesus commissions the 12 chosen disciples to go and practice and use the authority that had been given to them to heal the sick, cast out demons, and deliver the people who were bound. God has chosen each one of us to be his disciple. Each one derives this authority, the privilege, and blessings. We must know that God has chosen us and must exercise the right and authority to receive and experience the blessings of God for ministry. Father, we thank You and praise You. We thank You for speaking to us through Your Word. May we be good disciples. Strengthen us and make us bold. May we be a blessing to many. Thank You for blessing us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.